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Monday, March 2, 2009

FASHION + HOME off the shelf and ready to inspire

. Monday, March 2, 2009

  • Cotton Products
    • Smart color swatch card
      • Individual loose fabric swatches are available for all 1,925 colors
      • Double folded fabric measures 4” x 4”
      • Unfolded swatch 4” X 8” giving vendor twice the amount of favric for optimum color visualization and instrumental evaluation
      • Each card is identifield with four PANTONE Coloe name and number strips so that a swatch can be cut when being used for multiple design projects and locations.
      • The loose, unbacked design enable fabric to be compared to skin tones and materials
    • Cotton selector
      • All 1,925 colors are divided into groups of seven colors mounted waterfall style on individual removable strips
      • Each two-ply cotton swatch featured on the stript measure .75’’ W x .875’’ H
    • Cotton planner
      • Desktop reference containing all 1,925 dyed colors on 100% cotton chips in one conveneint binder
      • Include PANTONE FASHION + HOME color chooser enabling digital and Web design
    • Cotton swatch files
      • Primier design tool contains removable 2” x 2” loose format cotton swatch of all 1,925 colors
      • Allows design to create solid color pallettes and then mix and match for yarn dye and print combinations
      • Chromatically arranged by color family
      • Provides quality control with a reference of all color being used for production
    • Cotton Passport
      • For those on the move, a compact, portable book displaying our cotton color chips presented in a user-friendly accordion format
      • All 1,925 colors are chromatically arranged and permanently affixed
      • Ideal for making quick color choices in the office or while traveling

  • Paper Products
    • Color Guide
      • The essential color tool that is always available at your fingertips
      • Chromatically arranged for ease-of-use
      • Each color is numerically referenced and named to assist quick color decisions
      • Portable designs tool ideal for sample shopping, client or vemdor meeting or on-site reviews
    • Color Specifier and Guide
      • Ideal for non-fabric materials used to create products for home furnishing. fashion accessories, cosmetics or industrial design
      • Six larger sized teaout chips for all 1,925 color in one convenient binder
      • Packaged with portable color guide (Specifier book also sold separately)
    • Paper Specifier Replacement Page
      • replaces individual pages in specifier book
      • Each page contains seven PANTONE Colors with six tear-out chips per color
      • Available worldwide
    • Color Chooser Kit
      • Enable dogital and web design with PANTONE FASHION + HOME Colors
      • Integrates seamlessly with custom color libraies in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW
      • Experience optimized RGB and HTML values for improved onscreen visualization.
      • Avaible for both Macintosh OS X and Microsoft Windows 98, 2000, ME, and XP
      • Include color chooser software and PANTONE FASHION + HOME color guide for visualization of colors on and off screen. (color chooser also sold separately) 


        Information : Widi –Sales Spv.( 08561353275 )


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